We are able to support across the asset and project lifecycles from new builds to operational improvement activities, decarbonisation projects, late-life asset support, and decommissioning projects


We are able to support across the asset and project lifecycles from new builds to operational improvement activities, decarbonisation projects, late-life asset support, and decommissioning projects

SILQ Engineering can undertake projects as a General Contractor and perform the full scope of installation and construction works in accordance with the contract terms design specifications and estimates. We are able to coordinate the activity of all the participants and track their performance in all aspects of the project. SILQ Engineering secures fulfillment of the obligations under the contract for the project construction and its commission to the Customer for operation with the proper quality in due terms.

SILQ Engineering can also develop the design documentation for construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of industrial and civil objects, subsequently maintain the documentation and perform construction and repair works supervision for the entire period of the project.
General Contracting
Engineering consultancy
Building Information Modelling
Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies
Process Design
Detail Design
Technical Drawings Preparation
Technical Specification Preparation
Datasheet Preparation
Project development
Using our engineering and construction expertise, we develop, define ade-risk energy construction projects.

We are able to support across the asset and project lifecycles from new builds to operational improvement activities, decarbonisation projects, late-life asset support, and decommissioning projects

Our project development services:

Investment promotion

Construction projects almost always require large financial investments.

SILQ Engineering offers services to promote investments for the construction of large industrial and infrastructure facilities:

  • Representation of a construction project as a business project with the definition of profitability and investment attractiveness;
  • Definition of the appropriate source of financing (resources of private investors/bank financing);
  • Finding investors;
  • Development of investment proposal;
  • Development of presentation materials: business plan, construction feasibility study, calculation of ROI prospects.

Project execution

We integrate and scale our engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), installation and commissioning delivery. Whether you are investing in a greenfield or brownfield development, of mega or modest proportions, our experts will drive a fit-for-purpose approach. Supported by proven scalable processes and procedures, they develop right-sized solutions, with an unfaltering focus on safe.

We offer the full scope of Engineering services. The services provided may differ, based on the type of the project and might include:
  • Technological Package Procurement Management and Engineering;
  • Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Preparation;
  • Industrial Plants and Power Plants Mechanical Acceptance, Pre-Commissioning, and Commissioning Activities;
  • Owner’s Engineering Team Support for Investment Projects;
  • Assistance to Design Projects in Accordance with Local Legislation and Develop Required Project Design Documentation;
  • Obtaining the Necessary Services Certification and Permits and Developing the Required Operational Documentations
  • Engineering Coordination Activities with Owner, Partners and Internal Disciplines;
  • Project Input/Deliverables and Schedule Follow-up;
  • Technological Package Technical Evaluation, Procurement Management and Engineering;
  • Vendor/Supplier Activity Coordination and Follow-up;
  • Requisition for Inquiry (RFI) and Requisition for Purchase (RFP) Form Preparation;
  • Industrial and Power Plants Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Preparation, Management.
Project management
Our certified Project Management Professionals support a range of services:
  • Project Management Contractor (PMC);
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC);
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCm) contractor;
  • Discreet project management services across the life cycle of an asset;
  • Health, safety and environmental services;
  • Project cost, schedule and risk management analysis
Our expert buyers, expeditors, logistics officers and material controllers are strategically located around the world. They provide sourcing, expediting and logistics support to greenfield and brownfield projects, on and offshore. We also have strong relationships with third party agencies who we can engage to enhance our service when necessary
  • Local and Overseas Procurement & Material Subcontracts;
  • Logistics, Expediting, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Transportation;
  • Vendor Management (Supplier Evaluation, Prequalification and Performance Measurement);
  • Receiving, Inspection/Reporting, Issuance & Material Control;
  • Storage, Preservation as per Manufacturer’s Recommendations;
  • Product Identification and Traceability.
Construction supervision
Our key services for technical supervision of the civil engineering projects:
  • Performing detail, onsite, resident inspection of construction and installation works to insure compliance with the design plans and specifications;
  • Taking on site preconstruction and progress photographs;
  • Determining the acceptability of construction materials and methods by insuring the type of materials comply with approved shop drawings;
  • Obtaining locations, elevations and measurements to aid in the preparation of as built drawings;
  • Receiving and acts on complaints from participants and the general public;
  • Maintaining detailed daily logs and reports reflecting project progress, status and problems;
  • Performing final inspections of facilities upon completion;
  • Attends preconstruction and job progress meeting with officials, engineers, consulting and contracting personnel.


Dredging is a kind of excavation works produced under water at the bottom of the water basin for the purpose of creating or deepening the existing approach waterways to ports, construction of berths, bridges and other hydraulic structures, laying of underwater pipelines, and also for expanding and increasing of the depth of water basins.

For the execution of dredging works, SILQ Engineering uses the modern high-tech dredging equipment. Backhoe dredgers, cutter-suction dredgers, suction hopper dredgers and other specialized technical fleet are used subject to provisions of performance of works.

When implementing the projects in the field of dredging, SILQ Engineering organizes and carries out all complexes of works and activities, necessary for the execution of dredging works, including:

  • Performance of the functions of the general contractor;
  • Development of the detailed design documentation for the execution of dredging works;
  • Obtaining the permits for the disposal of soil, extracted while the execution of dredging works;
  • Consideration the period of work execution;
  • Execution of the direction for making water object available for use;
  • Receiving of the work permits for vessels under foreign flags and other permits and approvals;
  • Hydrographic assistance of dredging works;
  • Diver inspection of the bottom and inspection of the water area for the presence of explosive objects, its removal from the water area;
  • Acquisition and installation of the navigation support equipment;
  • Carrying out of environmental control and observation over the water object while the execution of dredging works;
  • Carrying out of activities under compensation of damages to marine living resources;
  • Compensation of environmental damages from the execution of dredging works.
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